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Crescent Moon Sighting Report:Tenth Biblical Month / December 2012 - January 2013
As of Deceember 14, 2012 4:00pm CT

Global Observation:Israel Observation:
Possible: Thursday evening, 13th December, 2012
Expected: Friday evening, 14th December, 2012
14th December

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14th December @ 4:54pm IST
Karaite Korner

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" the beginning of your months, you shall blow the trumpets" - Numbers 10:10

The tenth new moon crescent of the Biblical year was first possible on Thursday evening, December 13th - but no reports have been found. The first confirmation has been made in Australia on December 14th, along with Israel, making that the date of the new month Globally regardless of observation method.

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Map from the Astronomical Data Portal (UK Hydrographic Office) @

Article by Nehemiah Gordon regarding Israeli-based observation

Next Crescent Moon (11th Month):

The following new moon will begin the 11th Biblical Month. First reports of this new moon crescent is expected globally from the land of Israel with slight possibilities of sightings as far east as India.


Map from the Astronomical Data Portal (UK Hydrographic Office) @

Expected Observation Dates of Biblical Festivals 2013:
All dates may vary based upon actual visual confirmation/trumpet call of the new crescent moon & availability of Aviv barley within the region of the Promised Land

For 2013, the Aviv barley search will begin in the Promised Land (Israel or the Fertile Crescent) early to mid-March with the first expected new moon crescent arriving in the region of France on Tuesday evening, March 12th. It is possible that Aviv barley will not be located in time, in which case a 13th month will be observed instead (with a Late Aviv at the next new moon first expected in China on April 11th). However, if Aviv barley is found, then the Annual Festival Dates will be expected as follows (all dates listed begin at sundown the evening before):

^ - Most regions east of France (including Israel) will observe the following date (based on global trumpet call)
# Based on barley within Promised Land (Israel) region
* High Day of Convocation (no regular work)

It would then follow in the Seventh New Moon of 2013, expected on Friday evening, September 6th, in nearly all locations worldwide (starting in New Zealand and Australia), that the Fall Festivals will be as follows (starting at sundown the previous evening):

* High Day of Convocation (no regular work)
** High Sabbath Convocation (Sabbath Day of rest)

If you would like to provide future reports, I welcome anyone to serve as witnesses to the sighting of the new moon crescent by submitting your sighting via e-mail. Together, as Yah's people, we can all be of one accord with the blowing of a trumpet to communicate to all of His people when the new moon has occurred (Numbers 10:10). We also attempt to post our own sightings and in a timely manner.


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For more information regarding the Biblical Calendar: Research Paper - Mathematical Bias of the Biblical Calendar (Revised) - by Shawn Richardson

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