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Crescent New Moon Sighting Report:Sixth Biblical Month / August-September 2014
As of August 27, 2014 2:00pm CT

Global Observation: Israel Observation:
Latest: Wedsday evening, 27th August, 2014
South Africa
Expected: Wednesday evening, 27th August, 2014
27th August

New Zealand @ 18:12 (GMT +12)
Indonesia @ 18:15 (GMT+7)

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27th August
Devorah Levine @ 7:10pm IST
Gil Ashendorf @ 7:12pm IST

Submit your sighting via e-mail

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" the beginning of your renewed moons*, you shall blow the trumpets" - Numbers 10:10
*Orig. month; "New moon" & "month" are cognates of Hebrew word Chodesh or Hadesekem (Strong's 2320) derived from Chadash (Strong's 2318) meaning "renew"

New Moon Crescent:

Although there was a strong possibility of the new moon crescent being seen on the evening of August 26th in the South America region, there were no reports given. The first eyewitness reports were given from New Zealand, followed by Indonesia on Wednesday evening, August 27th. This makes the first day of the month to begin on Wednesday for most locations worldwide. Israel-based observers also confirmed sighting on Wednesday.

NOTE: Since the previous new moon was located in Chile and Argentina, this makes the 5th month a total of 31 days. For those that keep a default of months being no longer than 30 days, then you will keep Wednesday, August 26th, as the start of the 6th month in these regions (and westward).

Map from the Astronomical Data Portal (UK Hydrographic Office) @

...The Next Expected Crescent Moon Sighting (7th Month):

The next new moon will be the all important seventh month of the year marking the arrival of Yom Teruah (Day of Trumpets). The geographical location most likely to see the new moon crescent the earliest will be in Australia on Thursday evening, September 25th along with points westward globally. For those that limit observation to an Israel-based sighting, however, they may have difficulties seeing the moon on this same evening unless conditions are perfect. Stay tuned, we will attempt to post reports as quickly as possible.


Map from the Astronomical Data Portal (UK Hydrographic Office) @


Map from the Astronomical Data Portal (UK Hydrographic Office) @

Expected Observation Dates of Biblical Festivals 2014:
All dates may vary based upon actual visual confirmation/trumpet call of the new crescent moon & availability of Aviv barley within the region of the Promised Land

For 2014, the Aviv barley searches in the Fertile Crescent found no positive conclusions until prior to the new moon of March 31st, first reported from Israel. Therefore, the Annual Festival Dates were as follows (all days begin at sundown the evening before date posted):

^ - Regions east of Israel will observe the following date (based on global trumpet call)
# Based on barley within Promised Land (Israel) region
* High Day of Convocation (no regular work)

The Seventh New Moon of 2014 will first be seen on Thursday evening, September 25th with first sightings around Australia. This new moon will mark the arrival of the Fall Festivals on the following dates for all locations worldwide. There is a possibility, however, that those following the restrictive Israel-based observation calendar method will be delayed by one additional day depending on sighting conditions. Dates listed below are based on a Global Trumpet Call (all days begin at sundown the evening before date posted):

^ - Dates based on a global trumpet call (Israel-based observers will likely keep the following date)
* High Day of Convocation (no regular work)

If you would like to provide future reports, I welcome anyone to serve as witnesses to the sighting of the new moon crescent by submitting your sighting via e-mail. Together, as Yah's people, we can all be of one accord with the blowing of a trumpet to communicate to all of His people when the new moon has occurred (Numbers 10:10). We also attempt to post our own sightings and in a timely manner.


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For more information regarding the Biblical Calendar: Research Paper - Mathematical Bias of the Biblical Calendar (Revised) - by Shawn Richardson

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